Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vacation in Paradise

We are so thankful we got to spend a week with Grammy and Papaw! It flew by, but we were thankful for every minute together. This visit, we got to go to Phuket in South Thailand for the first time, and it was breathtaking! The resort was amazing, and just getting out of the city let us all breathe some fresh (sweet-smelling) air. The place where we stayed was super family-friendly, which is always good when you have a toddler. Here are a few of my favorite moments.

My parents arrive in BKK at about 11pm and the first thing my dad wants to do is order McDonald's delivered to our house. Love it. 

Josiah was a little tired after the flight, but that was okay with Grammy.
Beautiful Angsana
Outdoor playground
Indoor playground (this place was awesome!)

Feeding our friend Lucky -- the baby elephant-- who ate breakfast with us every morning
Lucky reeeeally liked David
Josiah LOVES his Papaw
One of the coolest experiences of my life riding on the head of this elephant. David and I took a 2-hour motorbike ride to find this place. Well worth it. I am now the elephant whisperer. 

I use to hate this as a girl, and now I beg her to roll my hair!
Time with Daddy

I swear this is lemonade.
Kisses for Grammy

On a sad note, when we got back to BKK, mom and I went to grab some milk and eggs from our grocery store. Like all daughters, I asked my mom to take a quick stroll through the clothes section with me. As we were looking, a group of people swarmed us and stole my mom's phone. We were a little shaken up. We traced the phone and had to hold my dad and David back from going after it themselves. Anyway, everything in perpective -- it was a small loss compared to being together all week. Thankfully mom had a great attitude. So thankful for the blessing of family and a perfect week together.


  1. Thanks for the pictures. What a wonderful time together you all had. So sorry about your mom's phone. So thankful for your ministry there. John

  2. love all your cute pics, especially the last one, kissing! so sweet and i like Jojo's belly there! see you soon!