Friday, May 10, 2013

The Beauty in Our Blistering Skies

Every day in Thailand, farang (foreigner) whines about the heat. That's because we live inside an oven. From the moment we step outside, we start baking. If we arrive quickly at our destination, we arrive medium-rare. If we take our time, we arrive well-done. If we get lost along the way, well, it's all over for us. We are the literal melting pot of Asia.

For some reason today, I'm inspired to look up at the sun, which is just a few feet above my head, wave my charbroiled fist in its face, and demand, "Is that all you got??? Bring it on!!!" Today I celebrate the heat. Maybe I have heat stroke.  Maybe the sun has fried my brain. But I'd rather be joyful in my own optimistic delusion than a sweaty sourpuss on the scorching pavement of reality.

 Yes, it is hot. But like Jamie Cullem asked about dreary London, I will ask you: "Will you let me romanticize, the beauty in our blistering skies?"

Here are some things I LOVE about living in a hot city.

1. We never ever ever need a jacket. 
2. We can swim 24-hours a day, 12 months a year
3. We don't need a humidifier and the air is never dry
4. An egg will easily scramble itself on the sidewalk right in front of you
5. Our children don't have to bother with coats, boots, etc. 
7. Crime is very low here. It's too hot to be outside mugging people or stealing things. 
8. We will be the first to know if the sun erupts a solar flare. 
9. We don't need to boil our water, we just set it on our patio and watch it bubble. 
10. We never shiver. We never get chill bumps. 
11. We never get hit with snowballs.
12. We always have a tan.
13. It's never too cold to eat ice cream.
14. If we get reeeeeally hot -- like delusional -- we get to see fun mirages like a giant Chick-fil-a sandwich with sweet tea, or a big Target sign, or a loved one from home.
15. Just standing outside doing nothing is equal to running 5 miles in the US.
and lastly,

16. We always get PLENTY of VITAMIN D!!! That's why Thailand is the LAND OF SMILES!!!


  1. Can I add to your list? If your stove runs out of gas and you need to make a Christmas dessert you can sit your chocolate out in the sun to melt and then make wonderful Oreo Balls. And that was in "cool" season.
    Love this list!!!

  2. Wonderful, positive outlook! I love how you look on the "sunny" side of things!! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Courtney: That is hilarious!! I totally should have asked you before I wrote this list!! Love it.
    Cindy, Thanks so much. It is definitely not every day!! Usually I'm a whiner. But one day I was feeling angry at myself for whining. :) Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  4. I just read your Journey Magazine article "His Word in Your Language" in the September issue. My cousin married a young woman from Thailand recently. He is stationed in Hawaii. She is a wonderful lady,, but I do not know if she is a believer. I would love to send her a Bible in her native language. She does speak English, but a Bible in her native language would probably be easier for her to read. Do you have any suggestions what Bible I could purchase and send to her? Thank you...your article came at the perfect time.

    1. Hi thanks for responding. Can you please email me at Thank you!